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The technological boom of XXI century, made people pursue very well defined goals, that occurred at the individual itself, to the most complex forms of organization to which it belongs.
Confort has remain the main focus, that follows the individual, endeavoring him to improve it constantly . Ergonomics , a relatively new term , underlying any project or structure that will in any way serve the man of the century of speed .
This is the case of a mechanism that improves the quality of life, this mechanism called ELEVATOR, LIFT or CAGE, who can influence our mood immediately after leaving our home. Some of us have it in our homes, other in their imposing tall buildings, others in the office .
The important thing is that I got to render at least in this area, the principle of minimal effort with maximum efficiency and through that another way to define your life . It was one of the key inventions of man and that was so helpful survived over time, constantly evolving and getting to be used in various fields.

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